“You are your b…

2 Aug

“You are your best thing.”

Toni Morrison’s Beloved is my favourite novel and exemplifies what is meant by phrases like exceptional or exquisite writing.  Every sentence, word and piece of punctuation is placed purposefully and perfectly.

One of my favourite quotations from this novel is “You are your best thing.”  In this quotation Paul D not only affirms Sethe’s value, but powerfully and importantly locates that value within the self.

The message that “You are your best thing” is an important and empowering one to share with students.  It reminds them to celebrate their strengths, revel in their individuality, and to act in ways consistent with their best selves.

As such, it is Morrison’s quote which I would like to greet students with as they walk into my future classrooms.  You, student, are your best thing.


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