History and Memory

3 Aug

When students study Elective 2: History and Memory (Module C) they are expected to explore (and comment intelligently on) the ways in which history and memory are represented, and the factors that influence such representation.  Importantly too, students must understand and articulate the relationships between history and memory.

One of the difficult aspects of this unit is that the relationship between history and memory is often defined by the entanglement of these two modes of representing the past.  Indeed, what one person deems memory another will characterise as personal history.  This entanglement is flagged by Becci Manson in her 2012 TED Talk in which she discusses the increased significance of photographs in circumstances where everything else has been destroyed.

While there might be an argument to be made for Manson’s talk as a related text, it would perhaps be even more useful as a way to kick-start discussion about the ways in which perspective, experience and context can shape the significance of representations of the past.


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