Tweeting for Freedom

25 Aug

Young people tweet, Facebook and Instagram constantly.  In fact, they chronicle their lives online.

One way to get students to understand the sequence of events of the Freedom Rides is to encourage them to tweet at significant points.  For example:

TWEET - CharlieP boarding the bus

TWEET - CharlieP in Walgett

These tweets were created on  I have blogged about the possible uses of this application on a previous occasion.  I really like that the template encourages historical accuracy.  Such accuracy allows students to use these tweets as a timeline creation tool.

One Response to “Tweeting for Freedom”

  1. mscwhite September 18, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

    I modified this activity, and used it in relation to land rights instead of the Freedom Ride. I gave students a short chunk of text about the Barunga Statement, and asked them to use tweets to summarise the key message(s)/response(s) of the key players.

    Note to self: explain the Twitter terminology and how Twitter works… a significant proportion of my students did not have a clue and opted to create Facebook status updates instead!


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