Crash Course

21 Oct

I get excited when I find resources relevant to BOTH the English and History classroom.  Once such resource is John Green’s Crash Course channel on Youtube.  On this channel, he provides succinct, and often humorous, summaries of key texts in English Literature and events in US History and World History.  There are also videos about key concepts in Chemistry, Ecology and Biology for  those with an interest in science.

What I like about the Crash Course videos is that they are short, humorous and pitched at high school students.  I also like how humor, asides and graphics are used as memory triggers for students, working together to help students to identify and sequence core personalities and events.

I see potential for the History videos, for example, to be used in year 7 and 9 classrooms next year as a means of providing a historical overview of particular periods as mandated by the New Syllabus.  They also have potential as introductions to units of study, the basis of flipped learning activities and also as a means of review.


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