Creative approaches to creative writing

1 Nov

My new HSC students have expressed some trepidation about having to write creative narratives.  In particular, they are concerned because they allegedly have “no good ideas” and “don’t know how to write characters that people engage with.”

My solution is to encourage students to engage with as broad a range of stimulus as possible.  To that end, I am in the process of creating a website that links students to a wide array of helpful advice and writing prompts.  If you click here, you can see what I have done thus far.  At the moment, the site predominantly links to visual stimuli.  As I progress further and start collecting ideas about setting, I plan to branch out and link to music/sound.  Not only will this engage my musically inclined students, but it will remind students that we can borrow language from, and be inspired by,  a range of disciplines when creating narratives.


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