Maya’s Notebook

25 Nov

HSC 2015 heralds a change; the focus of paper 1 will shift from Belonging to Discovery.  In the spirit of early preparation, this post will mark the first of (hopefully) many related text suggestions for my 2015 students.

I have long been an Isabel Allende fan.  I think what appeals to me is that I very rarely feel like I am reading her novels.  Rather, it is as if I am part of an intimate conversation in which mood is conveyed through subtle shifts in cadence and timbre.  It is for this reason that I was super excited when I stumbled upon Allende’s new novel, Maya’s Notebook, at my local Dymocks.

I am pleased to report that Maya’s Notebook did not disappoint!  The death of Maya’s adored grandfather triggers a spiral of destructive and dangerous behaviour which sees her fall in with the ‘wrong’ crowd, spend time at a school designed for troubled teenagers, battle addiction, engage in criminal behaviour and ultimately to seek sanctuary in Chiloe.  It is there that she begins to heal.  For a more detailed  summary, see Allende’s website.

In true Allende fashion, the narrative moves between past and present, allowing for a magical simultaneous entangling and untangling of narrative threads.  It is through this mode of storytelling that we learn that discoveries about the self do not occur in isolation.  Instead, they occur as part of a broader process of engagement and investigation.


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