Left Neglected

11 Dec

Lisa Genova’s Left Neglected is a story about disruption and adaptation.

Sarah is a high-powered career woman and a mum.  Organisation and multi-tasking guide her day, enabling her to exceed the demands of her job while also attending to her three young children.

On her way to work one day, Sarah checks her phone while driving.  The lapse in concentration leads to an accident.  The accident results in damage to Sarah’s brain.  She is diagnosed with Left Neglect, a condition which causes her to lose awareness of everything on the left.  The aftermath of the accident causes Sarah to re-examine her relationships and priorities.

This novel is a suitable related text for Area of Studies Belonging and Discovery.  In fact, these concepts play out hand in hand as Sarah’s discoveries about herself, her capabilities, her resilience and that of her family are made in the context of supportive relationships of belonging.


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