Summing it up in song

22 Feb

My students responded really positively to the Extension Activity that sought to tease out the connection between ‘I could be the one’ and quotes from Fahrenheit 451.

Their enthusiasm got me thinking about what other songs could be added to the F451 playlist.

Below are my thoughts thus far:

  • I’m glad you came’ by The Wanted: Montag thinking about the impact that Clarisse has had
  • Radioactive‘ by Imagine Dragons:  Montag approaches Faber with a plan to change the system
  • Time is on my side‘ by the Rolling Stones: Granger explains that they have to wait until society is ready for the knowledge contained in books (and now stored in their minds)

I think I might challenge my students to collaborate and create a playlist.


2 Responses to “Summing it up in song”


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