Hip hop or Shakespeare? (the worksheets)

3 May

A few days ago I wrote about a plan to play a game with my students entitled ‘Hip Hop or Shakespeare?’

I have found a few moments to gather the relevant quotes together and have created two worksheets.  The first is a Romeo and Juliet version of ‘Hip Hop or Shakespeare?’ [HANDOUT QUESTIONS – Hip hop or Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet edition)] and the second is a Macbeth version [HANDOUT QUESTIONS – Hip hop or Shakespeare (Macbeth edition)].  These worksheets are intended for years 9 and 10 respectively.

If you do download these worksheets to use in your classes, please leave a comment and let me know how the activity worked.  I am keen for feedback before I try these activities on my students.



4 Responses to “Hip hop or Shakespeare? (the worksheets)”


  1. (W)rapping up Macbeth | Once uPUN a time... - May 18, 2014

    […] an added bonus, the fact that it is a rap is a nice link back to the ‘Hip Hop or Shakespeare?‘ […]


  2. More musical Macbeth | Once uPUN a time... - June 6, 2014

    […] began my Macbeth unit with a game of ‘Hip hop or Shakespeare?’ (see here).  In keeping with this musical theme, I am introducing them to Verdi’s […]


  3. Hip Hop or Shakespeare? The answer key. | Once uPUN a time... - May 12, 2015

    […] was recently asked for an answer key to my ‘Hip Hop or Shakespeare?’ worksheets.  Those answer keys are attached […]


  4. Why should we still study Shakespeare? | Once uPUN a time... - January 2, 2016

    […] plays remain relevant today.  I am tempted to play the poem just prior to my traditional ‘Hip Hop or Shakespeare?‘ game with which I start each Shakespeare […]


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