Mapping Macbeth

21 May

A discussion with my Year 10 class today revealed that they did not want to experience the story of Macbeth unfolding.  Instead, they wanted to understand the narrative before unpacking the text.  Accordingly, next lesson I will work on familiarising them with the story and characters.

To familiarise them with the narrative, I will run a variation of this activity.  I will get students to explore the language of the play and then situate their quotations in the narrative.

Then, I will provide students with some information about the characters in Macbeth, and get them to map out the relationships within the play.  I will encourage my students to use as it gives them flexibility to add to their mind map as the unit progresses.  Here is an example (incomplete) mind map about the characters in Macbeth and how they interrelate. I think I will allow students to work in pairs, thus enabling them to bounce ideas off each other.


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