Getting hooked

1 Jun

I share two junior classes with other teachers.  The other teachers have the kids for 5 less per fortnight, I have them for 2.  My job is to encourage them to read and/or get them to engage with books.

I struggle… so many of the kids in those classes are not interested in reading.  Many of them read way below grade level, preferring graphic novels to chapter books.

Tomorrow I am going to try get them hooked on reading.  To do this, I am going to read them sections of various novels, get them making inferences, asking questions and try to figure out what they are interested in.

So far, on my list, I have the following books:

(1) Eleanor & Park (this one is for all the kids who LOVE the John Green novels and have read them all already)

(2) Broken Soup (this one is for those who need a mysterious beginning to get them interested)

(3) Wonder (raises some great questions and gets kids to reflect on their social worlds)

(4) Tomorrow, when the war began (the title is exciting, nonsensical and raises questions.  The novel also has a strong female protagonist)

(5) My sister lives on the mantlepiece (again, a provocative title, this time followed up with a strong first few sentences).

(6) Eggs (great opening sequence, some fantastic language choices)

(7) The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (provocative title, engaging narrative voice).


Any other books, suitable for 11 – 13 year olds, that I should be adding to the list?

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