Understanding Lady M

8 Jun

While looking for theatre reviews, I stumbled upon this interesting article.  In it, actor Kate Mulvany writes about her insights into the character of Lady Macbeth.

I like this article as it reminds students that the play is living, not dead.  In other words, meaning is not settled; it is incumbent on each responder/actor to bring his/her own understanding to the play.

I am not sure where in the unit I would want to give this article to my students.  Part of me thinks I should give it to them as we study key Lady M scenes.  However, I worry that if I do that students will be guided by Mulvany’s view and not come up with their own interpretations.  The other option is to give them the article after we have finished examining Lady M, thus allowing them to try trace Mulvany’s reading and decide for themselves whether or not it has merit.


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