Taking a stand

17 Jun

As noted yesterday, my A Midsummer Night’s Dream unit has a text type focus.  The plan is to tease out the issues in the text through a range of different textual forms.

Our first activity will be the creation of a newspaper article.  I would like to follow that up with a detailed look at the assumptions made in the text.  In particular, I want to highlight the gendered assumptions that underpin the discussion about who Hermia ought to marry.

We will begin with a discussion about how Hermia is treated and represented.   In particular, we will focus on the language that describes women.  We will then discuss whether or not we think such language is appropriate, sharing the reasons for our beliefs.  Once students have this background, I will ask them to draft a complaint to Theseus berating him for his sexist treatment of Hermia.  Students can draw on their letter writing skills from our previous unit of work.

An alternative would be to furnish students with an abridged version of the Human Rights Commission (‘HRC’) complaint form, and get them to use that as the mechanism for expressing their complaint.

In fact, it might be interesting to do both.  After all, the letter can use emotive and high modality language to express outrage, whereas the HRC complaint form is intended to be factual and objective.



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