More alternatives to book reports

18 Jun

This week I am road-testing yet another book report alternative.

Each student will imagine that s/he is a character from a book that s/he has recently read.  That character has been invited to appear on a talk show.  Students have to:

  • Reflect on which talk show the character will appear on and why
  • Articulate which issues and experiences the character will discuss while on the show
  • Write the initial correspondence between the producer and the character in which the producer extends an invitation to appear and the character accepts
  • Write a sample list of questions that the interviewer might ask to help illuminate key issues
  • Respond to those questions
  • Write a diary entry reflecting on the experience of appearing on a talk show.

Below are some of the relevant resources:

This activity was inspired by one of the entries in an article entitled ‘Fifty Alternatives to the Book Report‘ by Diana Mitchell.

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