Poetry and the environment

20 Jun

I have been toying, for a while, with how to create an engaging and relevant unit that explores issues associated with the environment and sustainability (see here).

As part of any unit on sustainability and the environment I want to show my students some of Jeannie Baker’s picture books (see, for example, here, and here).  However, that is not enough to sustain a unit in and of itself.  Accordingly, I have been on the hunt for some more resources.  Today I stumbled upon this series of haikus.  I like that they have a visual aspect (and can thus be linked to Baker’s books) and the fact that the author has taken an information report and transformed it into poetic form.

I also found a poem entitled ‘One world down the drain’ by Simon Rae which explores the impact of climate change.

Now that I have some basic texts, I have to decide how I am going to link them together in a unit.  Any ideas?




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