Confessional Poetry – intro activity

4 Aug

My Year 10 class has just begun a unit on Confessional Poetry.  In this unit we will analyse ONE poem, and students will then translate these skills and apply them to a poem of their own choosing that meets the requirements of the genre.

In order to get my students thinking critically about what Confessional Poetry might be about, I asked each student to make some anonymous confessions.  Each student was given 6 post-it notes, and was asked to reflect on values, experiences and relationships that were important to him/her.  Students then stuck their post-it notes on big pieces of paper around the room, allowing for common ideas to be grouped together.  Students then had some time to move around the room reading the confessions of other students.

Next, students were asked to quietly think about the characteristics of Confessional poetry based on what they had read and any other associations they had.  Once that has been completed, we discussed the definitions to come up with a basic shared understanding of the genre.



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