Better understanding ballads

11 Aug

The assessment for my Year 7 Ballads unit will involve students working in groups to write ballads that re-imagine the stories shown in short films.

However, in order to get my students to the point that they can write ballads, they first need to understand the essential features.

To do that, I have created headings detailing the six general features of ballads.  I have also sourced extracts from a range of ballads (some familiar, some not).  Students have to match the extracts to the relevant categories.  The idea is that they will notice that the extracts could each fit more than one category.  In turn, this should help them to come to some generalisations about the form.

Next, I plan to ask my students to select one of the three complete ballads they have been given in a previous lesson.  They have to identify the key features (as flagged during previous activity) in their chosen ballad.

Students then have to find someone with a different ballad so that they can teach each other about how the features are shown in various texts.


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