IDENTITY: Introductory activities

14 Aug

I am hoping to study Hinton’s The Outsiders with my Year 10 class.  The unit focus will be ‘Identity’.

In this unit, I want students to be able to appreciate and explain how identity is formed within the world of The Outsiders and a range of related material.

To get students thinking about identity, I want them to read some Sydney Morning Herald articles which explore adolescent cliques and identities (here and here).  In particular, I want to use these articles as prompts for students to explore how individuals identify, how that identity/those identities are broadcast to the world at large, and the way that relationships and outward signifiers of identity may cause external parties to make particular assumptions.

An alternate activity would be to place students in groups and provide each group with an object or image.  Students would then have to use that object or image as the basis of guessing/constructing their identity.


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