Distinctively Australian Gothic

25 Aug

In Year 9 students are given an opportunity to engage in a genre study.  I have chosen to explore the Gothic with my Year 9 classes.  My lower ability class will explore the genre generally, having the opportunity to explore a short story or two and some film excerpts.  My more able class will be exploring the Gothic through a distinctively Australian lens.

To assist students to understand how a genre can have a particularly Australian flavour, students need to understand how our landscape, self-perception and reality was different from that of Europe or America at the time the relevant texts were composed.  I want to give them a whole lot of words and images and have them group them into continent based categories.  This will help them to visualise the differences.

I also want to take this as an opportunity to introduce them to some literary criticism.  Accordingly, I will take some snippets out of critical articles and have students hypothesise how the provided conceptions of Australia might shape the writing produced by Australians.


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