Visualise the story

27 Aug

As noted yesterday and the day before, both my Year 9 classes will be studying the Gothic.

In my lower ability class, our short story focus will be ‘Doomed’ by Ernest Favenc.  It is an example of the colonial Australian Gothic but will not be studied as such.

To help students understand the story, I have sourced a number of images relevant to the narrative. I will cut them up and give each student an envelope.  As they listen to the story students will work to put the images in order in order to create a pictorial version of the narrative.  The aim is to give my weaker readers and those that struggle with large chunks of text another way to access the plot.

After the reading of the story, we will check the order, with students asked to justify their choices.  This justification part of the discussion can be spearheaded by my stronger students.

As a follow up activity, I will ask students if they think any images are missing/if sections of the story have not been represented in pictures.  This will help me to ascertain how well the students actually understood the narrative.


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