REVIEW: A Rose for the ANZAC Boys

13 Sep

I loved this book!  I smiled, I laughed, I cried… !

A Rose for the ANZAC Boys tells the story of WWI as experienced by three young women.  Told from the perspective of Midge Macpherson, we learn about the horrors of war, strength, resilience and the way everyday people rallied to support their boys at the front.

At the start of the text, Midge is in boarding school in England, her parents are dead, and her two brothers (including her twin, Tim) have enlisted.  As her brothers have enlisted, the war is already real and present for Midge.  It becomes even more so when she receives notice that Tim is missing in action.

The story that unfolds thereafter tells of how Midge responds to this potential loss, and the contributions made by her and her friends to the war effort.  We also learn about the fates of the women and their ‘ANZAC boys’ after the war and how the adjustment to post-war life has its own complications.

This is a great read for students in Years 7, 8 and 9.  It would be a great text to study as a class, and would be particularly well placed in a unit about wartime experiences or responding to adversity.


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