Discovering new related texts

17 Sep

I am on a mission to compile a list of related material for AOS Discovery that will engage my Standard English class.  My observation is that they respond better to texts they can see and hear  than they do to written ones.  Accordingly, I am focusing on short films and spoken word poetry.

Below are the examples I have identified so far and accompanying explanation:

  1. Out of Bounds‘ (animated short): This text tells the story of a man who experiences OCD and social anxiety.  As responders, we discover what life is like for people like him, and how relationships (in whatever form they take) can transform behaviour.  The man similarly discovers the power of relationships to transform behaviour, and the benefits that flow from taking risks.
  2. Origami‘ (animated short): In this story, the boy discovers within himself the transformative power of tradition and perseverance.
  3. Uri‘ (animated short): Not all discoveries are positive.  In this animation, the protagonist discovers what it is like to be lost and alone.
  4. Approved for Adoption‘ (film trailer): Discoveries about the self, others and the world.  Also canvases how these discoveries can lead to self-doubt and confusion.
  5. Brain divided‘ (animated short): Viewers gain insight into the minds of the characters, while the male character discovers the equilibrium between his two extremes of behaviour.
  6. Changing batteries‘ (animated short): Characters discover empathy and the accompanying range of emotions.

Any other suggestions for my class?


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