And they lived unhappily ever after…

21 Nov

It is that time of the year… Year 12 students are about to write their first English assessments and are madly scrambling for AOS Discovery related texts.  I have covered, in previous posts, a number of conventional related texts.  Today, I want to explore an option which is probably characterized as fairly left field: Paint’s ‘After Ever After – Disney Parody‘.

At this point you are all probably thinking I’ve lost it.  However, hear me out, this text has great potential.  I have outlined two reasons below.

  1. ‘After Ever After’ positions discovery as a product of curiosity, a notion foreshadowed in the opening lines of the song; “If you’ve ever wondered why…”  This depiction of curiosity as a catalyst for discovery is consistent with Miranda’s experience of discovery in The Tempest and the persona’s act of staying to “watch” the ferry in Gray’s ‘Late Ferry’.
  2. Once committed to the musical journey of discovery, the responder comes to realise that not all discoveries are positive.  Indeed, the stories shared foreground the negative experiences of Disney princesses after the original narratives ended.  For example, Ariel finds her world threatened by oil spills and whaling.  Her use of a pun, “I think I’m drowning,” to describe her negative response to her newly discovered reality, conveys her sense of fear and disappointment.

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