100 words about freedom

5 Dec

As noted previously, my Year 7 students are participating in a series of activities inspired by the Sydney Museum of Words (here, here and here).

For the first writing tasks, students had to write a 100 word story about freedom.  In order to encourage them, I wrote one too:

My earliest memory is being in the tank.

I liked to hunker in the corner to escape the hot lights and sullen glares of those who fed and cleaned up after us.

They didn’t like that. They wanted me on display.

When they couldn’t find me they would carry out a sweep, disturbing the delicate ecosystem in a bid to hunt me out.

Then, one day, it all changed. I was scooped from the tank and, for one tantalising moment, I sniffed freedom.

It was strange.

As strange as being a fish out of water which,

of course,

I was.


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