AOS Family

10 Jan

I have had a slight change of approach for my A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove unit.  In particular, I want to approach it as an area of study in order to start preparing students for senior English.  I want to focus on the concept of family.

This focus lends itself well to testing students’ understanding through a range of textual forms while also allowing students to begin preparing for NAPLAN.

In this unit, students will begin my brainstorming what they think a family is, what it looks like and whether there are any obligations/responsibilities associated with being a member of a family.  There may also be opportunity for them to research what the average family looks like in Australia, and to write an information report.

As we examine the text, students will be asked to provide descriptions of key characters/relationships.  They will then be asked to compare these characters/relationships with the equivalent individuals/relationships in their own families.  This will provide points of connection to their own lives.

I also want to introduce students to a range of guiding questions.  These can be used as a the basis of exposition or discussion pieces.

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