Getting creative

6 Feb

As we all know, creative writing tasks often require students to write narratives which are inspired by provided stimulus material.  In my experience, students tend to either interpret the stimulus literally or connect it to the narrative in such a tenuous way that the influence of the stimulus is barely detectable.  In order to encourage them to think creatively, I want to provide short starter paragraphs that offer interesting spins of stimulus images.

Example: Image is of two shirts holding arms (see here) and the AOS is Belonging.

The musky smell of sweat clings to the flannel, digging deep into the fibres as if hunkering down for a long winter.  It is an olfactory equivalent of a photograph; not light falling on paper, but smell stumbling upon fabric and preserving, for eternity, a moment in time.

Time permitting, I would also like to provide students with an array of stimuli, asking each to write the opening few lines in evocative and imaginative ways.  After discussing the merits of these in small groups and later as a class, I would be keen to redistribute them, tasking students with finishing the stories that their peers begun.


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