Another perspective about prejudice

23 Feb

My Year 10 students are studying a unit about Prejudice.  In that unit they are reading and analysing a text entitled Deadly, Unna? which explores racism in Australia.

The novel has elicited a range of reactions from students, not least of all frustration that a seemingly inescapable hierarchical society could exist.  In order to assist my students to understand how easily such divisions and attitudes can manifest I want to show them the first section from the ‘Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes Experiment’ video.  I think this will help my students to understand how tempting it can be to accept inequality when that inequality favours you.



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  1. What does racism look like? | Once uPUN a time... - February 24, 2015

    […] Viewing the excerpt from the ‘Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes Experiment’ as part of our study of Deadly, Unna? predictably unearthed another flood of queries and opinions.  One of the interesting ideas raised was that the prejudice expressed in the Experiment was sometimes more explicit than that shown in Deadly, Unna?  While I agree that this is sometimes the case, it is not universally so.  However, I took up the challenge of finding a clip that represented the attitudinal prejudices that we see in the novel.  This, a short clip which shows a woman’s markedly different reactions to two teenagers, is the example of ingrained prejudices attitudes that I want to show my students. […]


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