Short story inspiration #2

3 Mar

This is my second post in the ‘short story inspiration’ series.  The intention of this series is to kick-start the creativity of students and assist them to overcome the first hurdle in the creative writing process – finding an idea.

My chosen stimulus text is once again from The Guardian.  It is an article by Rowenna Davis entitled ‘My gang, my family‘.

How could a student use this article as inspiration for an AOS Discovery story?

One of the ideas flagged in the article is that absent adults are, at least partially, responsible for adolescents seeking memberships of gangs; in the absence of positive networks, sinister networks will spring up.  This principle could be used as a metaphor for exploring any number of situations in which we discover that the absence of action or the failure to provide a positive alternative precipitates unpalatable consequences.


How could a student use this article as inspiration for an AOS Belonging story?

One option for engaging with this stimulus article would be for a student to write a narrative in which two portraits of belonging are presented.  The first would be belonging as epitomised by a gang, and the second would be belonging within the family unit.  While a weaker student would likely not look any deeper, a stronger student might think about crafting belonging to a gang as more palatable than belonging to a family, thus offering a scathing criticism of modern family dynamics and values.




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