Short story inspiration #4

14 Mar

The article which is inspiring today’s ‘Short story inspiration’ post is about the shortage of classrooms in NSW primary schools.

How could a student use this article as inspiration for an AOS Belonging story?

In a school environment students form a sense of belonging with their peers.  These relationships are often forged in the classroom.  Some classes becomes like families, others like soldiers in an army.  This got me thinking about how the relationships might tie in with common tropes in literature, film and television,  As such, inspired by this article, I would write a narrative in which students view a film/television show or read a book in class and humorously fail to recognise themselves reflected in the text.  This approach to the narrative has the benefit of presenting a complex portrait of belonging; we see the belonging within the classroom, the belonging within the viewed/read text, and the failure for the students to achieve a sense of belonging with their stimulus text.  Furthermore, if written well, the narrative also has the potential to offer a broader comment on the relationships between texts and responders.

How could a student use this article as inspiration for an AOS Change story?

This article had me wondering where students would learn if no more classrooms could be made available.  Would students be having outdoor lessons?  Would they be skyping in from separate campuses?  These questions got me thinking about a story which might explore how changes in learning environment caused changes in approaches to how students learn.  This narrative could be structured as a series of interconnected scenes which chart these changes.

How could a student use this article as inspiration for an AOS Discovery story?

If our current schools cannot physically accommodate the projected influx of students, then maybe the educational solution for the future is yet to be discovered.  How would we discover it?  What would it look like?  Who would be involved?

An alternate approach would be to use the school setting as the catalyst for discovery, following the journey of a student who discovers something amazing and/or life changing.

For other short story ideas see here, here and here.


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