RELATED TEXT: ‘Yearbook’

25 Mar

I recently viewed an enlightening short film entitled ‘Yearbook‘.  The film details the experiences of a man who is trusted to chronicle human experience for all time.  The focus is on the names and faces that the protagonist elects to remember, and those which he is required to exclude from the record.

This film raises some interesting ideas about discovery.  In particular, it causes us to critically evaluate how discoveries are framed and represented, and to ask whether the discoveries we make are, in fact, complete or authentic.

It is also offers some interesting ideas about belonging.  Notably, I found myself asking: Who decided who belongs?  What criteria establishes belonging?  Why does one person belong but another doesn’t?

There are references in the film to change too, not least of all the idea that the significance (or relative significance) of a person changes in response to circumstances.


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