Related text: ‘A search for one boy’

30 Mar

I am finding National Geographic to be a bit of a rabbit hole; I visit the site to find one thing and, 14 clicks later, 2 hours of my life have vanished.  I am not suggesting that this is a waste of time, it is not, however I think I do need to be conscious of my fascination with the articles and perhaps not visit the site while on a break from a task that has a strict deadline!

As part of my meandering, I found an interesting article entitled ‘Why my photo from Guinea sparked a soccer star’s search for one boy‘.  Like most articles in National Geographic, this one includes both words and pictures.  Much like the article I found yesterday, it is also suitable as a related text for Area of Studies in Years 11 and 12.

AOS Belonging (Year 11)

This text explores belonging to place, community, and family.  It explore represents these ideas through language and visuals.

As an interesting addition to the typical representation of belonging, the article discusses the way in which an image sparked a connection with a reader and how that reader is now trying to build a formal and helpful relationship of belonging with the community.

AOS Change (Year 11)

The article explores the changes (physical and emotional) that the community has undergone.  It also highlights the possibility of change in the future through partnership with individuals and organisations who wish to provide goods and support to the community.

The notion that an outside influence can change the trajectory of one’s life or the nature of one’s experience flags a possible point of connection with Looking for Alibrandi; in that text, three generations of women had their lives changed through the intervention of people outside their immediate communities.

AOS Discovery (Year 12)

The text enables readers to discover place and relationships.  The idea that discovery is linked to observation flags a possible point of connection to a number of Robert Gray’s poems (for example, ‘Late Ferry’).  Furthermore, the notion that discovery might facilitate change in the future links this text to Gray’s ‘Flames and Dangling Wire’; in both it is clear that some kind of intervention is necessary if trajectories are to be reversed.


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