‘Set No Path’

10 Jun

Set No Path‘ is a short film about a group of friends who are spending one final night together before they disperse, go to college and embark on new adventures.

The film functions as a great related text for  AOS Belonging (which many schools have adopted as the Year 11 AOS) as it foregrounds the complexities of personal relationships.  Flashbacks and diptych-style shots highlight the dynamics of friendship and the numerous ways belonging is demonstrated.  The film also explores the consequences when one group member is unable to cope with changes in relationships and circumstances.

Speaking of changes, this film also works as a related text for AOS Change (another popular Year 11 option).  Of particular interest if using the film for this purpose is the tension and conflict that result when not all members of a group have the same views about an impending change.

Students studying the Year 12 course are also able to utilise this text.  As a related text in AOS Discovery, this text can be used to highlight the impact of discoveries on individuals and the way that relationships shape responses to discoveries.

As flagged by the inclusion of this film in my ‘Exploring Transitions’ related text list, this film also has particular relevance to Module C of the Standard English course.  The film begins on the eve of group members’ transitions into new worlds and canvasses the emotions associated with this impending change in environment and circumstances.  It also presents the perspective of someone who resists changes, not just for himself but for the whole group.  Ultimately, this person’s actions impede the intended and anticipated transformations of others in the group, instead condemning them to repeating their parents’ lives rather than living their own.


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