‘Go Back’

11 Sep

This coming year, my Standard students will be studying the first season of Go Back to Where You Came From as their set text for AOS Discovery.  This text represents itself as a social experiment in which participants are guided, through carefully orchestrated activities and experiences, to better understand and empathise with the experience of refugees.

When engaging with this text, students need to be particularly aware of the ways in which the journeys of participants are shaped by the inherent desire of the director and producer to cause participants to confront their fears and transform as a result.  Indeed, the hope is clearly that, by the end of the series, both participants and the general public will treat refugees with greater humanity and dignity.

This desire to evoke empathy is also evident in  ‘A New Horizon‘ by Ruth Pollard   I think it would be interesting to show this text to my students, asking them to identify and explain how the composers seek to address the same purpose in fundamentally different ways.   Asking students to move back and forth between the texts will have the added benefit of developing their synthesis skills.


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