Refugee Poets

12 Oct

I wrote recently about my desire to create a Year 9 program which explores Australian literature.  With this goal in mind, I have been on the hunt for interesting texts which explore the various faces, facets and voices of Australia.   As part of my search I came across this article, which introduces a number of refugee Spoken Word poets.  I feel that YouTube versions of some of these poets’ poems would add interest and diversity to a poetry unit.


3 Responses to “Refugee Poets”


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  2. Poetry about resilience | Once uPUN a time... - January 31, 2016

    […]  I have also previously blogged about using poetry as a means of introducing students to a diversity of Australian voices including those of refugees.  It dawned on me that there is often a thematic overlap between poetry that explores gender and […]


  3. Life as a refugee | Once uPUN a time... - May 27, 2016

    […] studied as part of a unit with an Australian focus, this text could be studied alongside other refugee poets.  If studied as part of a unit with a global focus, Nouk’s poem would be interesting to […]


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