National narratives

18 Oct

The most recent episode of The Verdict featured an interview with actress Miranda Tapsell.  In that interview, one of the things discussed was whether or not Miranda identified as Australian.  She noted that she did not as national narratives and celebrations marginalised or excluded Aboriginal people.

In an earlier acceptance speech at the 2015 Logies, Tapsell also touched on the notion of what it means to be Australian, calling on television writers and executives to feature greater diversity in Australian television as a means of reflecting and celebrating the myriad voices and faces of Australian society.

Together, the interview and speech highlight the importance of literature (in broad form) in presenting portraits and shaping perceptions of national identity.  In other words, if the diversity of Australian society is not represented on our television screens, in our films, and in our written texts, them certain groups becomes marginalized or excluded from the public national narrative of what it means to be Australian.


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