AOS Power

19 Oct

There is talk at school of revamping our Year 11 AOS for next year.  At the moment, no firm decision has been made as to what the focus will be.

One idea that has been mentioned, and which I am particularly keen on, is AOS Power.  It appeals to me because it has the potential to engage with important ideas about gender, race, cultural and voice and, by extension, to allow students to bring their own experiences to the unit.

It also interests me because it allows for discussion of how power is created, bolstered, used and abused.  It also allows more capable students to engage with the dismantling of power structures, and the ways social institutions can empower or, as is the case in many instances, disempower members of society.

I also like the potential within this unit to discuss the role of language in elevating some groups and disenfranchising others.  Political rhetoric and news articles could be used effectively to explore these ideas further.


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