Representing the lives of others

12 Dec

I recently read Hanna Jansen’s Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You.  In this text, Jansen shares the experiences of her adopted daughter Jeanne who, as a young child, survived the genocide in Rwanda.

Jansen, in her authorial intrusions, stresses that this project is collaborative; Jeanne has shared her story with Jansen, and Jansen has collated the information and presented it as a narrative.  While sometimes clumsily executed, the continued suggestion of collaboration is quite beautiful in that it reminds readers that while past tragedies are not (and should not) be forgotten, there is a possibility of life after decimation and destruction.

For junior classes, I am keen to utilise extracts from this text as a means of helping them to understand how perspectives are constructed and interact with one another.  I am also keen to have them understand the way perspective and purpose colour the representation of individuals and communities.

2 Responses to “Representing the lives of others”


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