‘Girl Rising’

11 Jan

I recently watched Girl Rising, a wonderful film which tells the story of nine girls from nine different countries.  The film offers insight into life for girls in these countries and, through partnership with renowned authors from each of these nations, offers girls opportunities to voice and share their stories.

This film would be a fantastic text to use as part of a unit on documentaries.  After learning about the characteristics of documentaries, students could then explore how Girl Rising engages with and challenges these conventions when it uses storytelling to teach viewers about the importance of educating girls.

Snippets of this film would also have value in junior classes as a means of understanding how social and cultural realities and expectations shape identity.  I think this could be particularly effective if one girl’s story were used in a manner akin to a short film.

Equally, the film (in whole or in part) could be used to stimulate discussion about issues that matter to communities and how these issues can be meaningfully communicated to the world at large.


2 Responses to “‘Girl Rising’”


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