Pinpointing the power of language

13 Feb

I am always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to get my senior students to engage creatively with language.  I am also always on the lookout for ways to help them formulate engaging short stories.

I recently discovered ‘Safety Pin Review‘, a blog chronicling the adventures of super short stories pinned to the clothing of ‘operatives’.  Although the blog has effectively ceased publication, there are numerous back issues of the review available for free online.

Below are three of the many super short stories that captured my attention and I hope will intrigue my students.

Hostage Situation‘ by Berit Ellingsen offers an unexpected insight into a family, and could be used by students as a catalyst for imagining the journey leading to this point, or the journey that begins after it.  Alternatively, students could write about what the narrator discovers, or how the narrator’s reality is discovered by someone else.

A Present From A Small Distant World‘ by Krystin Gollihue causes students to reflect upon the “small distant world,” the circumstances in which a present might be proffered by one world to another, and the nature of the present (both as in gift and here and now).

Sister‘ by Roch Strouse also triggers a number of questions;  Whose sister is she?  Why did she hit the plaster?  Who is at fault?  How old is she?  Is she dead?  Where is she now?


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