Making connections between texts and the world

9 Mar

The Huffington Post recently ran two articles which would be perfect to use when making real world connections with texts.

In the first article, entitled ‘Is This Modern Book Burning?‘ the author refers, amongst other things, to the recent decision of a Catholic school to ‘dis-invite’ an author to speak to students after he revealed he was gay.  The author sees this act as a form of censorship which is unconscionable and, (perhaps melodramatically) notes that this puts Australia “one step away from building a pile of books, dousing them in petrol, and striking a match.”  This article, and the inevitable ensuing discussion about censorship as imposed by institutions, would be a great springboard for making connections between the ideas in Fahrenheit 451 and the real world.

The second article, entitled ‘Are We Living in 1984, Even Though It’s 2016‘ is about surveillance as facilitated by citizens’ sharing (often unknowingly) of data and information with various applications and companies.   As suggested by the title of the article, this article can be used to prompt students to discuss some of key themes of Orwell’s 1984.


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