The Australian Dream

8 Apr

When we think of famous Australian speeches we tend to think of Keating’s ‘Redfern Park Address’ or Rudd’s ‘Apology to Australia’s Indigenous People’.  When teaching these speeches I tend to emphasise the significance of these speeches in political and historical contexts.  I also use them as a catalyst for discussion about Australian identity, the successes of our national project, and things we still need to strive to improve.

I recently happened across a speech which I think would make a fantastic addition to a unit that focusses on rhetoric, Australian identity, and/or the relationship between Aboriginal people and the Australian nation.  This speech was presented by Stan Grant as his contribution to a 2015 IQ2 debate.  The topic for this debate was: Racism is Destroying the Australian Dream.

I think this is a speech my students need to hear.  It is personal, it is passionate, it acknowledges the past and advocates for a better future.  I am keen to find a way to integrate this speech into some of my units this year and beyond.


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