‘Hear, Think, Wonder’

24 Jul

I recently attended a professional development session about ‘Visible Thinking’.  This is not the first such session I have been to, but it was definitely the most engaging.

I this session we explored the well-known thinking routine ‘See, Think, Wonder’.  In this routine, students are guided through a process which helps them to articulate what it is they see in a text, and then make connections between what they see, the creation of meaning, and any broader questions that might arise.

As evident by posts on this blog, I often explore Spoken Word poetry in my classes.  With this in mind, I want to adapt the ‘See, Think, Wonder’ routine, focusing first on what students ‘hear’.  I hope that by doing this students will be better able to note and recognise the impact of sibilance, plosive consonants, alliteration, assonance, consonance, pace, pauses, emphasis, shifts in tone, and changes in volume.


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