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It is working!

30 Aug

I blogged the other day about my grand plan to introduce blogging in my year eleven class.  I was super excited about it, but also a bit worried that students would not engage.  They are engaging!  Not all of them… but those that are have really interesting things to say.  I am also loving that many of my quieter students – those uncomfortable with participating in class discussion – are expressing clear and considered viewpoints in the comments section of our blog.   While I am not ready to call this a success (one third of students participating does not justify this), I am feeling cautiously optimistic.

Blogging to build literacy

27 Aug

I am currently on practicum at a school which has, as part of its management plan for the year, a big literacy drive.  The emphasis is on improving students’ reading and writing skills.  For my year 8 History class, we are addressing literacy through focused reading activities and short writing tasks.  Today, for example, we looked at a poem as one of our historical sources.

Addressing literacy in year 11, however, had me stumped.  Not least of all because the unit of work which I will be teaching is the final unit for the academic year and has no formal assessment.  My solution is to create a class blog.  This blog will include a range of resources to supplement classroom learning.  It will also provide a forum for students to reflect on their learning and ask questions.  In order to encourage student participation, I have designed the blog such that content is public, but student comments are on password protected pages.  My hope is that I can sell this idea to students by explaining that it is a quicker and more immediate method of engagement than essay writing.

If it is well received by year 11, I will implement a similar system for my year 10 class.  In fact, I have started collating materials already!  My hope is that the blog will provide a range of additional access points for students of varied needs and interest.