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No Safe Place

5 Aug

As part of a mission to revitalise the English Department’s Book Room I have been reading a lot of teen fiction, hoping to be able to make recommendations as to which texts we should purchase.  As part of this process, I recently read No Safe Place by Deborah Ellis.

I think this novel would be a fantastic choice for a Year 7 or 8 class, potentially as part of units engaging with identity, refugees, migrations, survival, relationships or choice.  It follows the experiences of a group of young people fleeing danger, war and abuse, and seeking safety in England.  The text weaves between past and present, allowing for a nuanced understanding of characters and their situations.


REVIEW: Girl Underground

23 Dec

Girl Underground is the sequel to Morris Gleitzman’s novel Boy Overboard.  The novel explores the experiences of Bridget, a girl from a ‘criminal’ family who has recently started at a prestigious boarding school.  While at the school, Bridget befriends Menzies, the son of a government minister and a strong opponent of immigration detention policies.  Together, they hatch a plan to free Jamal and Bibi (the protagonists of Boy Overboard) from immigration detention.

This novel would be a great inclusion in a unit about identity, allowing students to explore how circumstances and experiences shape the way individuals self-represent and the ways others perceive them.

It would also be an interesting inclusion in a unit exploring community issues and advocacy.